Pre-Construction and Post Construction termite treatments

Before I begin, let me explain to you what it means when a company talks about pre-construction and post construction termite treatments. Pre-construction (aka “Pre-treats”) termite treatments is a liquid treatment of the soil prior to pouring the concrete foundation (aka “slab”) of a building. It should also include a final perimeter liquid treatment along the edge of the slab once the final grade is established. Usually per the Termiticide manufacturers’ label, there is a limited guarantee against termites for a certain amount of years (here come the fun part) AS LONG AS a LICENSED pest control operator has performed the treatment according to the label, mixed at the proper mix rate and applied to the soil properly! (Whew!!! Now that’s a lot of information right there!) If you’re not sure if your home or business has ever been treated for termites, check with your builder if your dwelling is under five (5) years old.

What you all have been waiting for…Post Construction termite treatments. A post-construction termite treatment is done after the home has been constructed. This type of termite treatment will provide a barrier around the perimeter of your dwelling. It is not a pre-treat where the soil under the foundation has been treated prior to construction. Post-construction treatment of termites can be completed in a few ways. If you have no active infestation and want a treatment completed then a bait system can be installed around the perimeter of your home. If you have an active infestation of termites, then a liquid treatment will be necessary in the areas where there is activity and bait stations can also be placed around the perimeter of the dwelling to actively monitor termite activity.

Either way, make sure you have an annual inspection for termites. If you need to know what to look out for, please check out our previous posts on termites.


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