You get what you pay for

I’ve noticed over the last 10 years when I receive a call from people, they’re looking for the cheapest service they can find to satisfy their budget.  I understand the need to keep expenses low, but there are times when the cheapest quote you find won’t always be your best option.  Trust your instincts.  When you call a local company to get a quote for pest control, take a few minutes to ask questions.  Get a feel for the person on the other end of the line.  Listen to how they treat you.  Are they just a salesman or are they an actual pest control technician? If you get the impression that you’ve interrupted their day, don’t waste your time or money.  Ask detailed questions such as:  How do you treat for this kind of problem?  Do I need to do anything to prepare for the treatment?  What should I do after it’s complete?  If they can’t give you a good explanation of the process and take the time to educate you on how they’ll treat your home, find someone who will.  You may spend a little bit of time really looking and calling companies but you will find that it pays off in the long run to get it done right the first time. Never, I repeat, never base you entire decision on price.  Compare apples to apples and a lot of that will center around the kind of service you receive for the price you pay.  It’s not all about price.  The best way to determine that over the phone is by listening to the tone in their voice. Are they willing to build a relationship by answering questions and taking time for you? Just remember the old phrase: “You get what you pay for.”

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