Have a Happy and Pest-Free Holiday!

As you’ve been preparing, getting decorations out of storage or setting up live greenery, you might not be aware that you could potentially be bringing unwanted guests into your home. In order to help keep your home pest fee, be sure to check those trees, wreaths and garlands before bringing them inside. Any pest can manage to catch a ride into your home on these items, causing you a bit of a headache. Spiders, ants and ticks like to hide deep in the branches of live greenery as well as other pests, including spotted lanternflies, like to lay eggs in them as well, making it crucial to thoroughly inspect to prevent an infestation.

To avoid bringing pests into your home over the holidays, use the following guidelines:

  • Inspect live greenery such as wreaths, trees or garlands for signs of any pests or eggs.
  • Shake out all live greenery before bringing them indoors to remove any hitchhikers.
  • Store firewood at least 20 feet from the home and at least five feet off the ground.
  • Inspect firewood for any signs of pests before bringing it indoors.
  • When disposing of live greenery, place it as far from the home as possible to avoid attracting pests to your property.

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