Bed Bugs

Frequently asked questions

Is it true that bed bugs only like dirty environments?

No definitely not, bed bugs inhabit in all types of places whether it is dirty or not.

What types of dwellings do bug beds inhabit?

Any dwelling where people reside. They will make a home wherever they find food, water, and then breed. Each situation is unique and particular to the environment.

How long can bed bugs go without food?

We discovered them dormant in storage for over a year.

Do bed bugs just inhabit beds?

No, anywhere people lounge. This can include: sofa, cracks and crevices, luggage racks, electrical outlets, etc.

What do bed bugs looks like?

They are small, yellowish clear to reddish brown and oval shaped.

Do bed bugs feed off human blood?

Yes, bed bugs do fuel by drinking blood. They typically feed at night time and drink up to 5 times their own body weight.

Do bed bugs carry diseases?

As of yet...No.

How often do female bed bugs lay eggs?

1-5 per day.