OptiGuard Ant Gel Bait


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Optigard Ant Gel Bait is made with a palatable formula ants love and is mixed with the active ingredient thiamethoxam. The active ingredient disrupts the nervous system in the ants and will begin to destroy the colony within just a few days. The bait is formed in a thick substance that makes it easier for the foraging ants to transport back to the colony and transfer to other ants.

Optigard Ant Gel Bait also holds moisture and will not dry out to remain effective for up to 2 weeks. Optigard Ant Gel Bait works quickly to eliminate colonies and is ideal for use in hospitals, apartments, motels, and other places where ants hide in between wall spaces. When ant trails are seen but the colony is well hidden, trust that Optigard Ant Gel Bait will find the colony and eliminate it.