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At Bug Police, we know that Longview, TX, has pests of all kinds. For the ones you can’t handle on your own, turn to the team that cares about you. With full-service pest control for everything from rodents to mosquitoes, we strive to ensure your complete satisfaction with our methods and results.

Rodent Control

Good rodent control starts with inspection and prevention. Our rodent control technicians will visibly inspect inside and out for areas where rodents are gaining entrance. Along with investigating for signs of entry comes addressing attractive food sources, such as dog and cat foods left outdoors. We encourage proper storage of food items along with good sanitation practices around trash containers to get things under control. 

As we address and prevent rodent access through various control methods and best practices, we will properly place bait boxes, traps, and glue boards for immediate effect. Tamper-proof products and equipment are always used with your family's safety in mind. 

Flea Treatments

Our pest control team always begins by considering the possible source of fleas: our animals. Treating pets is always a good first move. Then, cleaning flea-infested areas via vacuuming and laundering is second. 

Next comes treatment, followed by taking preventative measures to keep the fleas from returning. Our flea treatment includes both liquid and aerosol products that have a residuals effective control for 30 days. Vacuuming after service is required to make the treatment most effective, helping with the physical removal of eggs and larvae. If flea infestations are bad inside and out, you can plan on having to treat the areas twice.  

Mosquito Treatments

Typically, from April to October in East Texas, a large part of effective pest control begins with water management. Addressing standing and stagnant water issues on property or in gutters due to improper drainage is a primary concern. Low spots on the property, birdbaths, high grass, and yard debris can all turn into areas where mosquitoes thrive. 

At The Bug Police, our standard mosquito treatment includes the use of a backpack fogger to get rid of mosquitoes by targeting places such as shaded areas and bushes where they rest and breed. For those stubborn wet areas and standing water, we can use mosquito larvicides to prevent reproduction and interrupt the natural life cycle. Routine or special event services are available. 

Termite Service

We offer a variety of termite services, ranging from Real Estate Reports (WDI Reports) for home buyers to annual preventive inspections and treatment. It is strongly recommended if your home has never been treated, or it's been more than four years since a treatment, you consider one of the two options. Pre-treatments for new home construction are also available to help prevent termite damage. We use professional-grade termiticides to banish termites from your home. 

Termite treatments are best done as preventive treatments. If prevention isn’t possible, you have options. Our pest control team can spot treat the areas of activity if budget is a concern and recommend a more thorough treatment within the next year. Liquid treatments are used as an effective immediate control measure for live termites. We use the Advance Termite Bait System for long-term control. Foams are available for indoor activity, and drilling is a last resort, if necessary, with slab injection. Don't allow false marketing to push you into an immediate decision based on fear. 

Bed Bug Service

Bed bug service begins with a conversation describing the situation. Then, we provide you a prep sheet to get the rooms ready for treatment. Great preparation leads to a more thorough and effective treatment. After prep is complete, we can schedule your pest control appointment for that day or the following. 

Upon request we can check other rooms of concern during our visit if you feel bed bugs may have spread. We start with liquid concentrates and move to aerosols if necessary to make sure product coverage is complete. If you'd like more detailed information on what bed bugs look like and evidence to look for, please let us know. Usually, 20 bed bugs found in a single room is considered a light infestation. Anything more is moderate to heavy and will usually require a second treatment. 

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