Prevent Pantry Pest Infestations

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While you and your families are getting in the spirit at home by baking favorite sweet treats, the last thing you want to come across are pantry pest in your baking ingredients. Pantry pests are frequently found in dry ingredients such as flour, grains and cereals. The most common pantry pests are Indian Meal Moths and Merchant Grain Beetles. These pests reproduce quickly and can infest kitchen and pantries in a short amount of time.

How can you protect your kitchen and pantry from these pesky pests, so they don’t ruin the sweet seasonal treats?

Here are some tips to help your holiday baking plans run smoothly:

  • Proper storage: Invest in plastic or glass containers that have secure lids to help keep your pantry organized while also keeping pests out.
  • Shop Smart: Pantry pests are often brought home in items that are already infested. When shopping, closely inspect the packaging for any signs of webbing or damage before purchasing.
  • Check the date: Periodically sort through items in your panty and discard anything that has expired.
  • Keep your areas clean: Wipe up crumbs or spills from countertops, tables, floors and shelves. Dispose of garbage regularly in sealed receptacles.
  • Seal up cracks: Look for cracks or holes where pests might be coming into your home, especially around the stovepipes and water pipes.

Here are some examples of Merchant Grain Beetles and Indian Meal Moth Infestations:

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