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Effective DIY Pest Control Solutions in Longview, Tx

If you feel like you can handle the pests in your home yourself, we’re here to help. At Bug Police in Longview, TX, we offer several DIY pest control products that allow you to tackle small infestations on your own. With simple instruction and same-day results, we provide you with effective residential pest control products.

Pest control doesn’t require much effort, but you will need a few tools. Most people don’t have a trailer-mounted spray rig to inject their home’s slab with a termiticide, but they can purchase a simple hand-pump sprayer to take care of normal pest problems. The only other thing needed is the right product and a little effort.

Identify the Pest

Find and apply the best product for the job. If you need help identifying the pest, go to This is one of the industry’s leading websites for pest identification.

Finding the Right Pest Control Products

Need help finding the right product for the job? Simply call or text us today and we’ll be glad to assist.

Read the Label

You MUST read the label. Again, you MUST READ THE LABEL! Every product has a label that gives you the who, what, where, when, how, and why of its application. It will tell you more than you want to know about everything there is to know, concerning that product. Take a few moments and see what the label says is the correct mixture rate for the pest you are trying to eliminate. Most labels have a clean-out rate and general use rate. If you have a major problem, use the clean-out rate.

Mixing the Product

More is not better. Again, read the label on the product. It will tell you how to mix the product correctly. Doubling up on the product will not make it kill the pests any faster. It is not more effective, just unnecessary, and wasteful. It will only cost you more money in the long run. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the label.

Evaluate the Treatment

Now that you applied the products correctly, give them a few days to do their job. You should typically see a difference in three to four days if done right.

If you treat outdoors every two months, you should see a significant decrease with pest activity indoors, which will decrease the need to use products inside and that will thankfully limit your family’s exposure to insecticides. Try your best to avoid pesticide use inside unless the situation demands it. Spot treating areas of concern inside is all you should ever do if you’ve properly applied the product outdoors.

Also, look around the perimeter of your home. Are there cracks? What you may think is a small crack can be a giant welcome sign for pests. They can pick up that ever-so-slight draft of cool or warm air leaving your comfortable home and follow it right in the door. Make sure to do preventative maintenance and seal up those cracks and crevices.

Be persistent and you will succeed.

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With Bug Police products and help, you can manage your own pest control problems with confidence. Our professional products are tailored to address residential pests that may have overtaken your home. Quality DIY pest control is just a phone call away. Call (903) 553-9003.